Dog Adoption in Colorado

Adopt A dogWhen you want to adopt a dog, you might start with a Google search for something like dog adoption Colorado, dog adoption Colorado Springs or dog adoption Denver. And Google will obligingly return hundreds of different options. But how do you decide where to go? Before you start your search here are some things you might want to know.

Dog Shelters vs Humane Society vs Dog Rescues

In the world of dog adoption there are a plethora of places you can turn to adopt a dog. And although some may have similar names, they are not similar at all. Let’s start with dog shelters. Dog shelters are typically run by local government. It is where animal control brings dogs that are found running loose for example.

Not all cities or towns have a government run dog shelter. For instance, Colorado Springs’ dog shelter is the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR.)  But HSPPR is not run by the city of Colorado Springs or El Paso County. It is a non-profit that raises money through animal adoptions and charitable donations.

Then there are dog rescues. For nearly every breed of dog there is a dog rescue from which you can adopt a dog. Dog rescues are mostly non-profit and the majority do not have physical locations. They are run by volunteers who foster dogs who are in need of forever homes. To adopt a dog from a dog rescue you’ll search through available dogs on the dog rescue’s website (if they have one) and then call to make an appointment to meet a particular dog. Of all the places where you can adopt a dog, the process of adopting from a dog rescue group is the most time consuming because the dogs are not in one central location. However, they do bring together the specific breed you want which can make it easier.

Regardless of whether you adopt a dog from a shelter or a rescue organization you need to know they all have their own rules, and each has different adoption prices. With a shelter you may be able to take a dog home the same day. With a rescue group you may have to be qualified before you can adopt. Either way you will want to research the organization from whom you are considering adopting- to understand their process before you venture out and always be sure to physically visit the location and meet the dog.

stop-Places where you should not adopt a dog-stop

Craigslist prohibits the selling of dogs on its site but there are plenty of ads for dogs being “rehomed” who charge a “rehoming fee.” Unfortunately, Craigslist is also filled with scammers who will post photos of dogs that don’t exist. You will fall in love. They may request you to wire money to hold the dog and they will never produce a dog. You’ll be out whatever money they charged you.

Then there are also puppy mills selling dogs under the guise of “rehoming” the animal. The fees will be higher than normal adoption fees because they are actually selling the dog not “rehoming” it. Either way you don’t want to adopt a dog from Craigslist, or purchase otherwise sight unseen from a website.

TIP: When shopping for a dog online, NEVER give out your credit card information, wire money, send gift cards or agree to adopt a dog sight unseen. Scammers are everywhere. And unbeknownst to you if it isn't a scam, you might be buying from a puppy mill.

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