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Giving a Voice to the Countless Dogs Suffering in Puppy Mills

For the love of dogs...

Colorado Canine Advocates was born out of the love of dogs. We abhor the conditions dogs endure in puppy mills. Locked in cages with little to no room to move, with inadequate water, food, or veterinary care. Not allowed to feel the grass under their feet or enjoy a run in the sunshine. They are bred continuously, pumping out litter after litter, all for the sake of corporate profit. No animal should be treated this way. Dogs deserve better. They deserve to be respected and valued for the beautiful and loving creatures they are.

We will work tirelessly to educate the public about puppy mills until they are gone and only responsible breeders remain. We will promote responsible breeders and the joy of adoption. Won’t you help us get the word out? 

At Colorado Canine Advocates we are all volunteers**100% of donations go
toward direct costs involved with advancing our mission and helping dogs.

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